We need Volunteers

Volunteers are needed for many different roles at the Food Centre. People want to volunteer for many different reasons and we are happy to have you provided you are prepared to make a small commitment of your time each week.


Who can volunteer?

We accept retirees, people with disabilities, the unemployed, corporate volunteers, students seeking work experience and people who are simply looking for some way to fill the day. We are also registered with Centrelink to place clients with Centrelink work commitments.

How much work can I do?

You can work for as little as a few hours per week to a maximum of 2 full days per week however we would like you to consider this as a longer term commitment provided of course that you are enjoying the work. 

What did I require?

On-the-job training is provided. So, although having experience is good, it is not essential. We have had 80-year-old volunteers learn to use a cash register, scanning system and EFTPOS terminal with no previous experience in retail sales.

Positions available

We often have openings for the following positions:

Shelf stackers Bread collectors Fruit and veg assistants
Fridge and freezer stackers Cleaners Coffee shop assistants
Storeroom assistants Handymen/women Op. shop assistants
Drivers Admin assistants People with experience in human resource management
Packers Checkout operators

To apply for volunteer work or work experience contact Neville at the Food Centre on 08 8262 7345 and make an appointment for an interview and to fill out a volunteer application form.
A Police clearance is not needed to work as a volunteer at the Food Centre. Once we have found a suitable position for you we would ask you to come in for an induction and some basic Occupational Health and Safety training and decide on the work times that best suit your needs.

Centrelink Clients

We offer volunteer work to three main categories of Centrelink clients.

  1. People over the age of 50 years come to us direct through Centrelink. These people can opt to work 15 hours per week for a not for profit organisation like Community Food SA and receive their Centrelink benefit without having to look for paid work.
  2. People under the age of 50 years with a volunteer work requirement for Centrelink come to us through Job Search Agencies. These people have varying volunteer work commitments whilst seeking paid work.
  3. People with disabilities who are on Centrelink benefits can also undertake volunteer work at Community Food SA.

Initial enquires should be directed to Centrelink who will refer prospective volunteers through the appropriate channels.

Christian Service Learning / Workplace Learning

Community Food SA offers much more than groceries, cake, coffee and second hand goods.  Another aspect of our work has been providing placements for students from a number of different educational institutions which we have been doing since the early 1990’s.  These placements are either Christian Service Learning or Workplace Learning and provide opportunities for students to participate in the workplace and support the community. Gepps Cross Special School was one of the first to approach us and we hosted groups of up to 7 or 8 students on a weekly basis for quite some years. Australian Lutheran College has also sent students to us since the mid 1990’s. In more recent years we have also hosted students from St Paul’s College, Eynesbury, Blackfriars, OLSH, Wilderness, Windsor Gardens Vocational School, Thebarton Senior College and Adelaide Secondary School.

Corporate Volunteers

Companies such as Santos who support the community by allowing their employees to undertake some volunteer work are welcomed. Santos has been supporting Community Food SA since 2011 with employees who assist us with our annual stocktake.